Lime Green Sketchpad (Other ??/??/01) Doc. #002

The Book:

I don’t exactly remember when  I acquired this sketchpad. I want to say it was around October of 2001, but it might have been a few months later. I remember that I bought it from the Borders bookstore at the mall on clearance, along with Document #0003: Green Notebook.

What I do remember is why I acquired it: I had started experimenting with pot a few months prior and wanted a place to record all of the drug-addled thoughts and drawings me and my friends had while getting high.

In that regard, I was successful:

I really liked breasts when I was 15. Still do, but I’m less up front about it, usually.
Characters from a “Blue’s Clues” parody about a drug addict who stays at home and talks to his furniture.
Instructions for enjying a “Where’s Waldo?” book.
I’ve drawn worse.
Deep, man.

As I said, this book was for my friends’ use too, and includes several drawings from my teenage heterosexual life mate, Tim:

Tim was perhaps a bit more talented than me.


I would write in this book on-and-off for the next decade, usually while playing around with my mental chemistry set.

I always thought I would be mortified if someone found this sketchpad. Not only are most of the pages clearly the work of someone under the influence of something, but many of the things I wrote about are deeply personal. Today I am glad that I wrote so much in this book and have kept it; it helps remind me of how I used to feel and who I used to be. There will be plenty of posts that come out of this book, and I am looking forward to sharing a bit of my insanity with the world.


One for the road, Happy Easter!


Hope you got a kick out of this,

~Sean L

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