“Big World” (Poem, 06/18/12) Doc. #016

The Text:

Big World

Written June 18, 2012 (Age 25)

The world is so incredibly large, you know?
did you know?
So much earth and water and people,
so many socks and energy drinks and grapes,
all this sadness.
I don’t want to see the wrong things,
eat the wrong grapes,
love the wrong people.
I don’t want to watch all these minutes
run through a filthy drain
like so much dirty dish water.
I want sweetness and light and warmth.
I want to soak up the fragrance of a life welllived.
I want to share this fleeting wonder with people
smart enough to see the possibilities,
happy enough to make them.


I often struggle to respond to free form poetry because there are so few technical things to critique, and poetry really isn’t my forte so I’m probably missing some of the more subtle ones. Judging a poem by it’s perceived message seems so objective to me that I find it almost pointless.

And yet I like this poem, and think it is quite good nonetheless. The association of the passing of time and dirty water draining down a sink is an effective one, and the use of repetition throughout is stylish and rhythmic. It is not a especially challenging poem, nor is the imagery particularly unique or detailed, but it still leaves you with the sense that what you just read is what is known as poetry. Grade: A-


I selected this poem today for one simple reason: this post needed to be short.

While editing and critiquing my poetry is faster work than doing so for my prose, reflecting on the poems can still lead to marathon writing sessions where I try to clearly and creatively describe the circumstances surrounding me when I wrote the poem.

Not this poem though; the summer of 2012 didn’t have much drama in it at all.

I had just graduated college for the second time and now held an English teaching certificate. I doubted I would find a full-time teaching position in the few months before the school year started, but I was looking anyway, and had a good attitude about it.

I had moved in with my then-girlfriend-now-wife Mackey the previous fall, and except for a few instances where the pipes froze under the apartment, things were going great. I was no longer such a man-slut, so there wasn’t any relationship drama. And her main cat was starting to accept me, while her other cat had already claimed me as his own, despite the fact that I hated cats at the time (I’m allergic).

I remember feeling very optimistic after graduation; my life was still mostly stretched out before me, full of possible events and outcomes. I had been on a three year winning streak, and didn’t see an end in sight. “Big World” really reflects that feeling of endless potential I had.

I spent that summer being young and in love. Mackey and I were always doing something: going to the county fair, checking out free concerts, visiting Niagara Falls. It was an amazing time in my life, when I thought I knew what was going to happen next and I wasn’t worried that it might not.

Of course, it wouldn’t last, but it’s important to remember that sometimes things just go your way, and to appreciate it when they do.

Sorry to rush this one. I’ve been tinkering with the site almost all day and I really wanted to get a new post out before the end of the evening. I figure a short little happy post isn’t going to ruin anybody’s good time.

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