Embracing a New Era: Lewis Log #001

Hello, Regression Readers!

Sean L here, and there’s not going to be any creative writing in this post, at least not the usual kind from the Regression Collection Archive. Instead, this is going to be a more traditional blog post, just stuff about my life and thoughts.

I’ve been having A LOT of thoughts recently.

The “Lewis Log” posts will be more like a public journal. And when I say public, I mean VERY public. As in:

Aren't I sexy?
Hello, World! My name is Sean Lewis and I’m sick of being afraid to show my face!

When I first started Sean4Saw.com, I only intended to learn how to use WordPress and do social media better. I didn’t mean to be a serious blogger; I was unemployed and looking to pick up more marketable skills. Even when I came up with the idea of publishing and critiquing my high school and college writing, it was still just a way to fill pages so I could practice tagging them and laying them out on the home page.

But everything changed on April 8, 2017. People started reading my 4th post, “America” (Fiction, 11/18/06) Doc. #004, even though I had only told two people about the blog. At first I thought someone was pranking me, but later realized that WordPress had featured my post in their Reader app.

This gave me a huge boost of confidence, and I decided that the idea was good enough to pursue.

I knew that blogging only about my old writing wouldn’t allow me to address everything I want to share. Like this:

I was afraid to show my face on this blog and my associated social media accounts because I was afraid people would judge me for things like my past drug use, promiscuity, and general douchebaggery. At the same time, I’m also afraid people will think I’m more crazy than I actually am because of my spiritual beliefs. It felt safe to not have a last name or any pictures associated with this blog.

I can think of 0 successful people who​ concerned themselves with playing it safe (okay, maybe Smokey the Bear).

I want to thank my friend who gave me the tablet I wrote this on. It kind of inspired my decision to “go public.”

Much love,

~Sean Lewis

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